Ingenuity Follow Nature Exhibition at ArtisTree

The Exhibits
1) 24 original calligraphy scripts by Tong Yang-Tze under the theme of “Ingenuity Follows Nature”;
2) Posters created based on the elements of Tong’s calligraphy by 40 designers who participated in the Taiwan’s exhibition;
3) Posters created by local young designers who participated in the workshops of Lu Jing Ren, Chen Jun Liang, Shinnoske Sugisaki and Han Jiaying;
4) Calligraphy-themed T-shirts and creative products

Public Forum
Date: 7 July 2012 (Sat)
Time: 14:00 – 17:00

Design Masters from Japan, Taiwan, Mainland China and Hong Kong will have an in-depth dialogue with the public on aesthetics and their inspirations from calligraphy. Speakers include:
‧ Mitsuo Katsui (Japan)
‧ Ken Miki (Japan)
‧ Kan Tai-Keung (Hong Kong)
‧ Qing-Yang Xiao (Taiwan)
‧ Wu Yong (China)

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